Structural Repair

Mr Wild, Malvern

April 2018

Structural Defects Identified

Following a structural engineer report, a slight lean to the gable wall off approx. 30mm, tapering cracking above the front elevation door and window, and a vertical crack to the main building abutment to the rear out rigger, was detected.


The engineer attributed the movement to an inherent lack of lateral restraint to the right hand gable wall at the property. The tapering cracking has been attributed to the arch failure over the window and door, and poor brickwork connection between the main building and outrigger.



To reinstate structural integrity to the areas identified, it was advised, tying the right hand gable wall back into the internal first floor and ceiling joists, to support the brickwork above the arch windows and front door with the introduction of a Helibeam, with Cemites to Tie the rear projection into the main building.

Crack Stitching Repair

Structural Repairs

Helibar Fitting

Structural Repairs, Helibar


Ties were invisibly inserted into the ceiling joists and wall, Helibeams inserted within the existing brickwork to rectify the cracking and prevent further movement. The outside brickwork and mortar finished carefully matching to the existing colour to become an invisible repair once the mortar has dried.

Structural, Crack stitching

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