Structural Repairs

Bryer, Harbourne

June 2018

Structural Repairs

Selling their property, the Bryer’s were faced with a structural report showing repairs were required. The property built circa 1910, comprises solid load bearing walls and a pitched roof.

Front of Property

Structural Repairs

Rear of Property

Structural Repairs

Report Observations

Front of house

A diagonal crack to the front wall of the house below the right-hand bedroom window.

Right of house

Diagonal cracks above the landing window and vertical crack  below the ground level toilet window.

Rear of house

No problems reported.


Cracks were discovered in the front and rear sitting rooms, toilet area, right hand bedroom and roof leaks are affecting the rear left-hand bedroom.

The suspended timber floors of the house generally drop towards the front wall by some 30mm.

Cracks to the skirting boards against the front wall and movement noted to skirting boards away from the rear wall.

Movement to the rear wall of the house away from the first floor floorboards.


Roof purlins poorly supported



Repair works to identified affected areas, to include Helibar, Bow Ties, Cem Ties, Lath and plastering and vertical supports to the loft area.

AllBritain Site Report.

Following the structural report, Ian visited the Bryer’s to complete a site survey of the highlighted areas and produced a free quotation and recommendations for the repairs.

Site Report Front of Property

Structural Report

Site Report

Structural Report

Site Report

Structural Report

The Work

The work took 5 days to complete. The house had been empty for some time, we were asked to provide repairs only as the new owner would be completely decorating the property once they move in.

Site Visit


Cracks Identified


Insufficient Support


Bow Ties Fitted


Repairs toCracks

Support to Purlins



The Bryer’s were delighted with the outcome and their purchaser obtained their mortgage in time for the sale to be completed.

Structural Completed Repair


Internal Completed Repair