Black & White Cottage, Worcestershire

September 2018


Complete refurbishment project to beautiful black & white cottage.

Front of Property

Rear of Property

Report Observations

Fabric of house

Oak timber repairs to super structure, taking out existing decaying timbers and replace with new oak beams. Remove existing dilapidated lime render and replace with new lime render.

Remove the decayed timbers at ground level, underpin with concrete and reform chamfered fillet and repaint black Rub down all existing Oak beams and fill with Oak filler


Close chimney opening.


Install 2 x concrete lintels across the chimney breast 1 x at bedroom level and 1 x within loft space to strengthen the chimney and stop any other bricks falling from the brick dividing chambers within the chimney breasts, and repair brickwork and plastering afterwards


Take off basement door, supply and install new row of engineer bricks with 4 air bricks for cross ventilation, refit timber frame and basement door.

Remove paintwork.


Cap off flue, refit pot and renew flaunching for decorative effect


To fabricate one ornamental gate – design to match existing fencing –  1m wide x 1.6m high  With hinge plate & latches. To fabricate handrails for pathway – 3m and 1.6m long – 1m above ground level.


Repair works to identified affected areas, to be repaired with the original structure of the property in mind.

AllBritain Site Report.

Ian visited site to complete a site survey of the highlighted areas and produced a free quotation and recommendations for the repairs.

Decaying and rotting timbers

Replace all rotting timbers


The Work

The work took 3 weeks and was completed using traditional methods in line with new systems to maintain the original finish of the property.


The homeowner was delighted with the level of workmanship on the property and the friendly staff.

Final Finish

Final Finish